Performance Apparel

Testing Data

Testing Information:

Improvements Tested and Verified

• Relaxes Tight Muscles
By relaxing tight muscles, it allows your alignment to move back into a more natural anatomical state

• Improvement of Body Structure and Posture
With corrected structure it allows the body to act more as it should, gaining the ability to push harder in athletics, have better recovery, with less risk of injury
• Increases Circulation
• Decreases Body Pain
• Better Sleep
• Relieves Stress

• Improved Athletic Performance
• Highly Increased Rates of Muscle Recovery
• Decreased Chance of Soft Tissue Injury

Blind Placebo Test

Test of 500 people with treated and untreated

100% positive effect for treated

Posture Screen Test

Tested CrossFit Athletes and Military personnel to see immediate change in posture alignment. Key metrics were: everyone had issues but treated everyone differently depending on the individual and everyone had a head weight decrease. The theory was similar effects for everyone, this was not the case, it improved everyone as they needed. This test was 2mins of wear.

100% experienced change

91% experienced neck improvement

55% experienced hip change (100% with women who have been pregnant)

27% experienced shoulder improvement

Greater than 40% Total Body Alignment improvement

20.6% less head weight carry (less weight of the head due to standing straight up verse the head leaning forward)

“I felt better instantly!”
– Weight Lighting Coach

“I can feel it in my hips.”
– Mother of 2 kids

Pain Management Test

Continual Test currently at 6,100 people before and after results

All showed a decrease in body pain at 100%

Soft Tissue Injury Test

Test with professional soccer team on entire season specifically on soft tissue injury rates.

Over the course of the season, the injury rate dropped 80%. The team used intelligent threads uniforms during the season. Year two of data was interrupted with COVID pandemic. Currently the team is using treated practice and game wear.

“There is no way I wouldn’t wear this all the time. It’s life changing.”
– Soccer Player


Daily Life Improvement Study

Study of quality of life of a general population including pregnant women, elderly, military personnel, chronic pain disorders, and athletes.

100% expressed a better quality of life for all very individual and specific reasons

Specific reasons included: better sleep, less daily pain, more flexibility, ability to do daily work easier, less pregnancy pain, less pain during female period, ability to play with grandchildren without soreness, faster recovery, increased ability to train in athletics, higher HRV (WHOOP Data), more REM and Deep Sleep (WHOOP Data), and better cardio while training

"Dramatically changed my life!"
- Military Soldier

"I can play with my grandson all day!"
- Grandmother

"I'm not as winded during workouts. I can push harder for longer"
- CrossFit Athlete

Sleep Study

Study of people with chronic sleep issues. Criteria was people who consistently could not sleep through the night. Study showed high quality of improvement of sleep.

100% slept better

Over 80% of people tested slept through the night on a consistent basis.

“Changed my life! I haven’t been able to sleep through the night in over 10 years.”
– Minister

Long Term Efficacy Test (Effectiveness and Longevity of Technology)

Continual efficacy and strength test on original products.

6 years of testing, washing, and general use has shown no decease in effectiveness or strength.