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Intelligent Threads is excited to announce a new line of products extending people’s ability to utilize this astonishing new technology. Intelligent Tape will allow you to both trial our technology as well as day to day utilization for up to 7 days per use. Our “patch” is a thin material, designed to breathe with your skin, offering a forget-that-it’s-there level of comfort throughout wear time, and a durability that lasts.
Intelligent Threads powered by Myo-E ® Technology: the first energy field wearable able to release and relax muscles with no wires, straps, or external power sources. The technology in the material communicates to your muscular and skeletal system releasing the tight muscles in your body and aligning your skeletal structure.

The technology in the tape (Patch) will last for seven days upon application. Once the patch is applied to the skin, the MYO-E technology timer starts. If removed before the end of the designated time, the timer pauses and continues once reapplied. You can place the patch anywhere on the body, all will have similar effects, we recommend the lower back.

Extensive testing has shown and proven an on average 40% improvement of skeletal alignment and posture, decreased muscular pain, improved joint performance, relaxes muscles, increased blood flow and circulation, deeper sleep, increased rate of muscular recovery, a decreased chance of soft tissue injury by over 50% for athletic seasons, and increased activation of all muscles within the body improving performance.

Benefits Include:

  • Relaxes Muscles
  • Increases Circulation
  • Decreases Body Pain
  • Highly Increased Rates of Muscle Recovery
  • Better Sleep
  • Improvement of Body Structure and Posture
  • Decreased Chance of Soft Tissue Injury

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