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Prescriptions of Utilization

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What to Expect?

Could Be Nothing

Most people don’t feel an immediate reaction, but have no fear, it is working. We haven’t yet run into anyone it doesn’t work on.

Decrease In Pain

Most immediate reactions are a decrease in pain. As the technology communicates to your musculoskeletal system it will start fixing issues instantly.

Instant Structural Changes

All people have some type of structural change most see around a 20% decrease in head weight carry, meaning you sit up straighter and not hunched over.

Muscle Spasms

As the muscular system opens up, it can cause some muscle, which have been more dormant, to spasm as they start working.


As the muscles open up you will have an increase in blood flow which could cause you to be lightheaded.

Not a Silver Bullet

Though our technology will help in a lot of ways, it will not fix everything. Our goal is to help people and most show around a 70% improvement within about 20mins of wear.