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The Benefits:

Helps Restore Blood Flow

Helps Eliminate Soreness

Helps With Better Posture

Helps Relax Muscles

Helps Prevent Injuries












Relax Your Muscles

Over time using your body in various ways either as an athlete or just everyday life your muscles starts to tighten and pull on your body. We developed a product that will make those muscles release from pulling and keeping them relaxed! Another benefit is helping your soreness be minimal after a workout. If you are an avid gym goer you know once you finished a workout your muscles are tight and sore. With our product you can now leave the gym with relaxed muscle and your recovery time will shorten.

How does this benefit the Sport Athlete?

From peewee to the pros, athletes are constantly looking for ways to better their game and perform at the higher level. Every athlete knows stretching and warming up your muscles is vital to prevent injuries and perform better. What we have noticed even after athletes “warm up” some of their muscles are still tight and their body is not aligned in result. When muscles are pulling on your bones its easy to see why you are not aligned. Your hips, ribs and other parts get all twisted up limiting your ability to perform at your peak. With Intelligent Threads, it allows your muscle to relax so that you can get closer to alignment and able to be more flexible. Now your body has the ability to perform at its peak without limitations. Jump higher, move quicker and increase your skills by simply putting on a shirt. This will also limit future injuries from over compensation from past injuries or muscle tightness. What are you waiting for? Get your body the edge you have been looking for!

I am not an athlete or perform in any sports.

Intelligent threads is for you too! There are many ways to get your muscles tight and sore. Falling, sleeping on your bed wrong, sitting in a office chair for hours and many other ways. We use our bodies for everything and most people don’t realize their bodies are not aligned. We walk around with soreness and discomfort due to tightness. A lot of times if you are feeling pain in an area it most likely is caused by something else in your body. The area of pain is because its over compensating for the area that is injured. With Intelligent Threads, we relax your muscles and restore blood flow to help your body to heal itself.* Your posture at the desk will become better because you don’t have muscles pulling on your bones. Bad posture can result in your organs getting compressed and can limit their ability to function 100%. Imagine how Intelligent Threads can help your body restore back to the way it was designed to. We invest so much on things that mask issues with our body. Its time to invest in your bodies health, well being and things that actually work. Go ahead, buy it, you deserve it!

Will this shirt help me at the Gym?

Recovery, recovery and recovery! These words have been shouted out in every gym and advertisement in the gym industry. Most gym goers take supplements to have them recover faster or be able to do more sets in the gym. There are great products that will help achieve this but has its limitations. With Intelligent Threads you can increase the results you are looking for of doing more sets, decreasing soreness and reversing faster. It is able to do this because it helps restore blood flow to your muscles. You’ve herd this song, “I have to do upper body today because my legs are so sore from yesterdays workout!” With Intelligent Threads you won’t have to sing that tune anymore. Watch these videos and see how Intelligent Threads helped Chad Griffin and RusselL Ogg. Recover faster and decrease soreness! Your body needs it.

How does it help me in my Yoga Class?

Flexibility, healing and exercise is often the reason why people attend a yoga class. With Intelligent Threads it compliments yoga goers by relaxing their muscles to be able to hold and achieve those poses. By allowing your muscles to release, imagine what yoga pose you can now perform better on your next yoga class! Yoga has been known to help people heal their bodies. By restoring blood flow to your muscles, Intelligent Threads will help with the combined effort of yoga to heal your body.

How does it help my performance in MMA?

Fighting as a pro fighter or just doing MMA recreationally, you know how sore you can get after a good fight or class. With Intelligent Threads it will help you with the soreness and recover you body faster to be able to get back in the gym training again. Because it helps align the body you are more flexible to do that BJJ move or that high round house kick better. If anyone knows more, MMA fighters and students need their body performing 100%. With Intelligent Threads you can now have the ability to have the edge on your opponent or where you need it most, in a civil unrest situation.

Restore Blood Flow

Intelligent Threads will help your muscle relax, keep the soreness down and help establish blood to your muscle. Though we do not claim this shirt can heal you, restoring blood flow to muscle helps with healing your body.* Blood flow is an important component to healing. If we can help with this then your body knows what to do next.

The Shirt

The threads are made of dryfit PosiCharge technology polyester material with a lightweight feel. Keeps you dry when sweating and allows the shirt to be breathable. With its simple design but unique design, you will have others coveting your threads.


*Intelligent Threads will not treat, cure or heal anything. Nor do we claim it will treat, cure or heal anything.