Performance Apparel


Q: How do you wash the shirt?
A: Follow the fabric care instructions. It can be wash and dried according to normal care of the type of fabric of the shirt without diminishing the effectiveness of the threads.

Q: Could I wrap the shirt around other body parts not covered by a shirt if they are sore, or do I still wear it as a shirt?
A: There can be some benefit to wrapping the shirt around other body parts, but shirts are designed to be most effective when worn as a shirt. We will be releasing more articles of clothing designed to be most effective for the areas where those items are worn.

Q: How long will the treated threads be effective?
A: So far, the intelligentTHREADS are effective until the integrity of the material has been grossly compromised, therefore, we highly encourage proper care taken when washing and drying the shirts according to the fabric care instructions for the type of material of the shirts.

Q: What’s in the shirt? How does it work
A: We have manipulated the threads of each article of clothing to interact with the body, helping the body to relax muscles and reduce muscle soreness.